Why Do We Give To Others?


Many of us donate to charities, volunteer, and help others in ways both large and small. But why do we do this? According to a survey conducted by the Charities Aid Foundation, giving to a charity allows us to support causes that reflect our personal values, and can help us teach our children generosity and compassion. Moreover, a study conducted by The Cleveland Clinic indicates that giving is good for your health! “Biologically, giving can create a ‘warm glow,’ activating regions in the brain associated with pleasure, connection with other people, and trust. This is the reason why you feel excitement when you’re about to give a gift to someone else.” Even small acts of kindness like opening a door or smiling at a stranger can make you feel more connected, and you never know what impact that small gesture may have had on the other person.

Taxi Mom Families was formed to help parents in need with getting their children back and forth to school safely. We currently support six families, and this fall, we have been very busy working to raise funds so that we can assist more in the future. Single mothers in particular struggle to make ends meet while caring for their children, but the problem can also impact single fathers and two-parent families.

This fall we have been very busy with fundraising events which will continue through November when we will be participating in a Vision Board exercise at The Social Project in Richardson. Watch for more information on this exciting opportunity!

We would like to thank the sponsors of our past events, and all of the individuals who contributed to the following:


Amount Raised

Taxi Mom Families Fall Raffle


Spirit Night at Shady’s Burgers and Brewhaha


North Texas Giving Day


Dallas Skyline Basketball Club Giving Days


Total Donations



Each family is asked to provide a portion of the ride costs, based on a financial assessment conducted when they apply for the service. It costs between $180 – $260 each month for Taxi Mom Families to sponsor a child whose family is accepted. The donated funds we receive are paid directly to our transportation partners so that each dollar we receive helps us achieve our goal of getting more kids to school safely every day.

Please enter into the Season of Giving this year by helping us make our goal a reality for more families in need. You can support us by clicking Donate here, or by participating in one of our upcoming events.