We’re a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting inclusion and equality among disadvantaged families. Our mission is to bridge the gap in our communities and provide compassion to those in need. We’ve witnessed firsthand the struggles faced by parents who require transportation services but cannot afford them, especially single parents living paycheck to paycheck. The financial burden extends to businesses as well, with the lack of funding programs causing losses. That’s why we’ve established Taxi Mom® Families—to ensure no family is left behind.

Our friendly and inclusive approach aims to create a safe environment for all, and we’re passionate about working together with businesses to make reliable transportation accessible to every parent, regardless of their financial situation. Join us in our mission to create a more inclusive community. Thank you for visiting our page, and we look forward to making a difference together.



We are excited to share with you the mission of Taxi Mom® Families. Our primary goal is to enhance the quality of life and productivity of disadvantaged students by addressing their basic travel needs to and from school through transportation services. As a newly established 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we are thrilled to embark on this journey with the support of transportation service providers that specifically cater to the needs of students in Texas & Florida.

We firmly believe that every family should have access to safe and reliable transportation for their students, and as experienced industry providers, we understand the significance of this need. Many school districts in Texas & Florida require families to live beyond a 2-mile radius to be eligible for bus transportation. In some cases, parents are expected to meet the bus driver at the designated stop to collect their student if they are too young to walk home alone or lack an older sibling to accompany them.

We recognize the burden this can place on families, particularly throughout a parent’s workday. The thought of your child walking home unaccompanied can understandably be nerve-wracking. That’s where Taxi Mom® Families LLC comes in as a valuable resource, working to secure funding for our approved partners. If you do not find your preferred transportation provider on our list, we encourage them to reach out to us or fill out our online application to determine their eligibility for funding.

We are excited about the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of disadvantaged students and their families. By joining forces with us, you contribute to our mission of ensuring that every student has access to the transportation they need for a successful educational journey. Thank you for your support, and together, we can create positive change in the lives of students across Texas & Florida.

meet the


Priscilla Stevenson

(TMFAM) President and Founder


 Foundation phone
(214) 531-4824

Taxi Mom® Families, a nonprofit organization founded by Priscilla Stevenson, strives to offer financial assistance to families in need for school transportation services. Priscilla's personal experiences and support from nonprofits in the DFW metroplex motivated her to give back to the community. Her passion for empowering girls and women, developed through travels in Morocco, drives her desire to collaborate with partners in Texas & Florida. As a recent graduate with a background in grant and technical writing, Priscilla aspires to become a mentor and provide scholarships to students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Inspired by her grandfather and mother, Priscilla combines a strong work ethic with a determination to overcome obstacles.

Yolanda Stevenson

(TMFAM) Vice-President and Founder


Yolanda Stevenson, the founder of Taxi Mom® LLC in 2004, established the organization to address the pressing need for  safe and reliable transportation for children. Following the tragic loss of her husband, Yolanda's small business expanded into a thriving enterprise, serving the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and beyond. Witnessing the financial struggles of families in need, she founded Taxi Mom® Families with the hope of providing funding for safe and affordable rides to numerous families. Yolanda's strong family values, entrepreneurial background, and dedication to community involvement drive her commitment to the organization's success. Her unwavering passion for helping others, along with her focus on self-care and spiritual connection, propel her vision to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who truly need it.

Perla Avelino

(TMFAM) Treasurer, CFO and Founder  



Perla's personal journey of navigating a challenging neighborhood on foot during her early school years, coupled with her own experiences as a parent, has deeply ingrained in her the importance of reliable transportation services for children. Guided by mentors like Peggy Edwards, who empowered her and opened doors to new opportunities, Perla witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of mentorship. Inspired by Yolanda Stevenson, the owner of Taxi Mom® and a fellow TMFAM Board Member, Perla made the courageous decision to leave her demanding corporate job, joining Taxi Mom® and eventually becoming a franchise owner herself. Driven by her unwavering commitment to make a positive difference, Perla wholeheartedly embraces Taxi Mom® Families' mission to bridge the gaps within families, communities, and businesses. With boundless enthusiasm, she eagerly looks forward to empowering and supporting the families she serves, ensuring they have funding to access safe and reliable transportation services.