Taxi Mom Families was created to provide inclusion and equality among disadvantaged families. As shown throughout history, and even more so today, we continue to struggle as a community to provide compassion. Throughout the years, the Taxi Mom Families team has witnessed many parents in need for the service but simply cannot afford it. Many families live check to check but make the sacrifices to provide this type of service for their kids especially single parents.  The financial burden can be overwhelming and very stressful and businesses end up taking losses that can also be burdensome to their overhead expenditures.  

Currently there are no programs funding this type of service for working parents. Due to our boards personal experiences with Taxi Mom, this nonprofit was created with one goal in mind and that is to bridge the gap between our communities, families, and fellow businesses.

Our Mission​

For Taxi Mom Families, the mission is to increase the quality of life and productivity of the disadvantaged students by providing mobility options to meet and increase their basic travel needs to and from school through transportation services.

With this being our first year as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with funding transportation service providers targeting the needs of students going to and from school; we ask that you join us as we learn to conquer this new venture in Texas. 

We believe that every family deserves safe, reliable transportation for their students and as experienced providers in the industry, we understand the need.  Most school districts in Texas require families to live outside the 2 mile radius to be eligible for bus transportation.  Some districts require the parent to meet the bus driver at the designated stop to retrieve their student if they are not old enough to walk home or have a sibling old enough to walk with them. 

This can become a burden to the family especially throughout a parents work day. The thought of your child walking home can be nerve wrecking.

Taxi Mom Families LLC  is a resource to help with funding our approved partners.  If you don’t see your provider on our list, please have the provider you are interested in using,  call us or fill out an online application to qualify to receive funding.


Meet our President & Founder

Priscilla Stevenson

(TMFAM) President and Founder

512-923-4545   sw-austin@taximom.com / priscilla@tmfam.org  

 Foundation phone
(214) 531-4824

The Taxi Mom Families nonprofit organization was born out of Priscilla Stevenson’s desire to help families who need school transportation for their children but cannot afford it.

Having lost her father suddenly at a young age, Priscilla found support and counseling through nonprofits in the DFW metroplex such as Journey of Hope. These organizations helped Priscilla and her family cope with their grief and rebuild their lives, and the experience cultivated Priscilla’s desire to give back to the community while helping other families in need. 

After traveling in Morocco and observing the treatment of women in a developing country, she developed a passion for helping young girls and women reach their full potential despite societal constraints, and hopes to work with organizations to support this goal in areas such as North Africa and Eastern Europe. 

A recent graduate of St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas, Priscilla majored in history but spent the last two years of her studies focused on grant and technical writing, working closely with a professor with whom she maintains close ties. During this time, she obtained hands-on experience working on a grant for Wonders and Worries,  an organization that provides resources to families with loved ones who are fighting cancer. One of Priscilla’s ultimate goals is to become a mentor, and perhaps provide a scholarship, for students of the Ann Richards School for Women, an Austin all-girls public school of choice that is dedicated to preparing young women, especially those from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, the skills to pursue college educations and careers. Priscilla is also active with the Girls Empowerment Network in Austin.

Priscilla’s Mentors and role models include her grandfather, a successful Waco businessman, and her mother, Yolanda Stevenson, who built Taxi Mom to meet a need she saw in the community. From them, she learned to have strong a work ethic and refuse to let obstacles block her path.

Fun for Priscilla includes spending time with family and friends, hiking, socializing, and when in Austin, attending concerts, outdoor fairs, and art events.


Meet our VP & Founder

Yolanda Stevenson

(TMFAM) Vice-President and Founder

972-231-2240  info@taximom.com  / yolanda@tmfam.org

Yolanda Stevenson founded Taxi Mom LLC in 2004 because she struggled to find safe and reliable transportation for her children, and she also saw that need among other parents. The sudden loss of her husband in 2011, while devastating, was a catalyst that spurred the growth of her small business into a large enterprise, expanding from its start in a single suburb of Dallas to encompass the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and beyond.

While building her business, she has seen many families that need transportation for their children, but simply cannot afford it. Yolanda hopes that Taxi Mom Families will help numerous families receive safe and affordable rides for their children.

Yolanda comes from a family of entrepreneurs. Her father has been in the construction business for over 50 years, and has been a big influence in her life. Her mother also owned a business at one time, and later was very involved in the church where she volunteered. She encouraged Yolanda to reach her goals and taught her compassion. Yolanda comes from a big family, with big family values. Following her mother’s example, Yolanda has always been very involved in the community.

Priscilla, Yolanda’s daugher, placed the idea for Taxi Mom Families on their vision board. Yolanda’s CPA assisted them with the legal process, and during the pandemic, Yolanda worked hard to setup the organization. As she worked, her mind kept coming back to the struggles of the parents in need. She knows what that struggle feels like. 

When not running a business, spending time with family, or helping others, there is a strong spiritual component in Yolanda’s life – she loves nature walks, quiet time, reading, going to museums, and the symphony. She is diligent about self-care and likes to treat herself to a spa day – because if you take care of yourself, you can take care of others. 

Yolanda is committed to the success of Taxi Mom Families: “Now that we have started Taxi Mom Families, I know I’m doing my part in the community and I know I’m helping others. Hearing the gratitude of our parents is humbling. For both Taxi Mom Families and our partners this is not about making money for our businesses - our vision and intent is to give back to people who truly need it.” And that’s what Yolanda does best.

Meet our Treasurer & Founder

Perla Avelino

(TMFAM) Treasurer, CFO and Founder  

469-463-3256  wrnd@taximom.com / perla@tmfam.org

Perla  walked to school on her own from 1st through 6th grades through a rough neighborhood, because she had no other choice. Given this and her experience with a child of her own, she understands the importance of having dependable child transportation service.. She also understands how important it is for children and young people to have mentors in their lives. Perla’s parents were immigrants who worked hard, but faced language and other barriers; they did not understand the opportunities available to their child. Through a neighborhood children’s ministry, Perla met Peggy Edwards, a woman who helped her discover those opportunities and build her confidence, all the way through obtaining an Associate’s Degree in Education. They remain friends today, and Peggy was one of the first donors to the newly formed Taxi Mom Families organization. 

Perla’s other mentor is Yolanda Stevenson, owner of Taxi Mom and a fellow TMFAM Board Member.  When Perla left a stressful corporate position to spend more time with her daughter, Yolanda hired her as a shuttle driver and administrative assistant. And in July, 2020, Perla bought her own Taxi Mom franchise business.

When not working, Perla likes to spend time with her daughter, to volunteer with her church and youth groups. She understands the importance of community, the need to connect and relate to others. Perla believes that Taxi Mom Families can bridge the gap between families, communities, and businesses. She is enthusiastic for what the future holds, not only for herself, but all of the families she will be able to help.