Introduction to the Nonprofit


Thank you for visiting our site, and welcome to our first blog post.

My daughter and I created the Taxi Mom Families nonprofit in 2021 to help meet the needs of parents who wanted school transportation for their children but could not afford it. We have been thinking of creating this nonprofit for over ten years, because we have been asked so many times if we could take Child Care Services, but unfortunately, we cannot, because the agency only covers daycare costs. During the pandemic we saw so many people hurting due to job loss and other circumstances that we wanted to provide additional help doing what we do best.

I knew that every so often a parent would drop the service – sometimes with no warning or explanation. It was just part of doing business. Here is the story of one of our first clients:

Amy Jackson was a single mother who could barely make ends meet. She and her son were living with Amy’s former in-laws, and because of the school district where she lived, the child was enrolled in a school several miles from their home. Amy’s car had broken down, and since her mother-in-law was in cancer treatment, her in-laws could provide little assistance beyond giving them a place to stay.  When offered a price of $20 per week to continue using Taxi Mom to get her son to school safely, she said that she would sell blood plasma; she would go without food – whatever it took to keep the service.

And so, to help Amy and others like her, Taxi Mom Families was born. We currently serve five families through a network of eight transportation providers that provides rides to qualified applicants at a reduced rate. We hope to take on additional families in the next school semester; at the moment, we are at capacity. It was a challenge ramping up a nonprofit during the pandemic, yet the circumstances also provided us with the motivation to reach out and meet the need we saw in the community.

Our greatest need right now is funding, so that we can expand both our partner network and our ability to accept more families. Please watch this space for events and opportunities to support Taxi Mom Families as we grow or click Donate now.

Thank you for your consideration, 

Yolanda Stevenson