Envisioning the Future


Ten years ago, I had a dream that I would one day make a difference in the lives of families in need. That dream came true when we launched the Taxi Mom Families nonprofit organization.

As we near the end of our first year, we stop to reflect on our experience, take a breath, and work together to envision the organization’s future.

On November 6 we participated in a very special fundraising event called Vines to Dreams, held at the Social Project in Richardson, Texas. Vines to Dreams was facilitated by Kristin Maurer, an experienced Life Coach and Vision Board Facilitator who teaches organizations and individuals how to overcome challenges and set their sights on their dreams.

During this event, members of the Taxi Mom Families team members and guests channeled their energy into creating personal vision boards. The exercise allowed participants a way to get in touch with their dreams. Sometimes we want to achieve goals that don’t seem possible or that seem too overwhelming. We want short term results, but when we set goals, really understand our vision, and immerse ourselves in the process of attaining that vision, anything is possible.

We are all here for a purpose. A vision board is a way to open your mind to manifesting your dreams. As an individual, you need to have a vision for each area of your life; as an organization, we need to understand our collective vision, and create a roadmap to reach our goals. The event not only opened doors in our own minds, but it also allowed each of us to catch up with old friends and meet new ones, creating valuable networking opportunities. Special thanks to photographer Sandra Luz for capturing this experience on film.

Taxi Mom Families itself was once a dream that has now turned into a reality. Our organization came to life from a dream that was placed on a vision board many years ago. Now it is our task to keep the dream alive and build on the foundations that are in place.

The vision board workshop was followed by a wine-tasting hosted by Jess Reed, an independent wine consultant who donated a portion of the proceeds from all wine sales to Taxi Mom Families.

We hope that you will join us as we continue to manifest the dream that is Taxi Mom Families, the dream that we can reach out to more families in our community and provide safe, affordable transportation for their children.

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